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Choc Bliss Balls

I love easy recipes like this one as they only require one bowl and a handful of ingredients. The maple syrup doesn't need to be added, however if you are giving these to kids, or if you are a sweet tooth, the extra sweetness helps. I have slowly cut most processed sugar out of my diet, after having gestational diabetes and reading books like "I Quit Sugar" and watching "That Sugar Film". I really didn't think it would be possible, as I have always loved my sweet treats. I certainly still have them, but now I prefer to use a little maple syrup or honey, and foods like dates, green apples, pumpkin and banana for sweetness.

1 cup walnuts

½ cup almonds (I like to use dry roasted)

Pinch salt

10 pitted Medjool dates (soak in 2 tblsp boiling water)

¼ cup cacao powder

1 tblsp maple syrup (optional)

Desiccated or Shredded Coconut (for rolling balls in)

Process walnuts and almonds in a food processor until fine, add salt and dates, mix again. Then add cacao powder and maple syrup. Mix together, then form into small balls and roll in coconut. Refrigerate. Makes approx. 18 balls. Enjoy!

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