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Meet Kate

Certified Nutrition & Health Coach

I'm Kate Coleman and I have always been interested in food and nutrition, but I also find it one of the most complicated and conflicting topics of discussion.

Healthy eating shouldn't be difficult, but unfortunately we have so much choice these days that most people have become very confused.

Therefore, I recently became a Certified Nutrition & Health Coach through Well College Global.  I have also been a Personal Trainer for 14 years, so I provide a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

My passion is to teach children and adults the basics when it comes to cooking and healthy eating.  No fancy ingredients or skills are required.  Just fresh whole foods, a roasting tray or saucepan and an oven or slow-cooker.

My three children all love to cook (and eat) healthy food, however I still have nights where they screw their faces up at dinner and would prefer to eat chocolate or ice-cream!  I understand the pressure on working parents, but I can also empower you to make healthier choices and avoid the processed, packaged snacks that line our supermarket shelves.​

I am certainly not against sweet treats (I absolutely love to eat cake), but our bodies are happiest when we fill them with foods that are grown in the garden.  Therefore I am always finding ways of how to include more fruit and vegetables into my diet (e.g. zucchini chocolate cake)!​

One of my favourite things to do is visit schools and make healthy snacks with the students.  I explain to them that we only have one body for our whole life, so we really need to take care of it.  Unlike mobile phones and devices, we cannot upgrade our bodies every 2 years.

When I see the students tasting new foods and then telling me how yummy it is, I feel that I have made progress and broken through their assumptions that healthy food tastes bad.

My other favourite things (away from work) include spending time outside with my family on our 6 acres with the animals, reading a good book and of course cooking.

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