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I'm Kate Coleman and I have always been interested in food and nutrition, but I also find it one of the most complicated and conflicting topics of discussion.

Healthy eating shouldn't be difficult, but unfortunately we have so much choice these days that most people have become very confused.

Therefore, I recently became a Certified Nutrition & Health Coach through Well College Global.  I have also been a Personal Trainer for 14 years, so I provide a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

My passion is to teach children and adults the basics when it comes to cooking and healthy eating.  No fancy ingredients or skills are required.  Just fresh whole foods, a roasting tray or saucepan and an oven or slow-cooker.

My three children all love to cook (and eat) healthy food, however I still have nights where they screw their faces up at dinner and would prefer to eat chocolate!  I understand the pressure on working parents, but I can also empower you to make healthier choices and avoid the processed, packaged snacks that line our supermarket shelves.

I am certainly not against sweet treats (I absolutely love to eat cake), but our bodies are happiest when we fill them with foods that are grown in the garden.  Therefore I am always finding ways of how to include more fruit and vegetables into my diet (e.g. zucchini chocolate cake)!

One of my favourite things to do is visit schools and make healthy snacks with the students.  I explain to them that we only have one body for our whole life, so we really need to take care of it.  Unlike mobile phones and devices, we cannot upgrade our bodies every 2 years.

When I see the students tasting new foods and then telling me how yummy it is, I feel that I have made progress and broken through their assumptions that healthy food tastes bad.

My other favourite things (away from work) include spending time outside with my family on our 6 acres with the animals, reading a good book and of course cooking.

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Nutrition & Health Coaching

-Book in for a 1 hour Nutrition & Health Coaching session with Kate (via Zoom).  You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire prior to the session and list the goals that you would like to focus on. 


Coaching is not about prescribing a diet or telling you what to do, it is about empowering you to create nutrition and health goals that are achievable.  You are the main driver and I am here to support and guide you.

My focus is not just food, but also incorporating exercise into your daily routine.  I have a Certificate III & IV in Fitness and have worked as a Personal Trainer for over 10 years.  I can safely guide you through a range of exercises during one on one video sessions.

My approach also looks at creating routines for improved sleep, less stress, self-care and most importantly, how to find more 'me time'.

I am very passionate about taking care of the environment, and will encourage you to make healthier food choices that produce less waste.  For the last few years I have been slowly transitioning to a low tox lifestyle, so I can recommend various resources to help you achieve a more sustainable routine.

My coaching sessions start from $120 per hour for a casual session, however I would suggest you get in contact to find out more about my 3 Week Express Package (from $149) and my 6 Week Intensive Programs (from $499).

Wellbeing in Schools & Community Groups

-This program has been designed to inspire and motivate students to lead a healthier life by eating real foods and making fitness a priority. Wellness expert Kate Coleman and Nic Dorian have combined their experience in the nutrition & fitness industries to galvanise change for improved lifestyle habits in our future generations. Email kate@tastingfitness.com for further information on these informative school incursions.


For more school workshops visit 

No Packet November Movement

No Packet November was founded by Kate in 2016 after noticing how many people relied on packaged, processed foods each day.  The aim is to encourage individuals & families to reduce their consumption for one month and eat more real foods, leading to improved health & less plastic in landfill. The NPN team provides daily recipes and shopping tips during November, with 20% of funds going to the Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation to support indigenous health.  The campaign gained incredible momentum in its first year, and featured in the following media;

Events & Motivational Speaking

-Tasting Fitness successfully ran two major health events in 2017, Men United & Wellbeing for Women.  There were over 200 people in attendance who were provided with up to date health information in a social and relaxed setting.  In 2019 the Men United event attracted over 60 men with a focus on mental health.

-Kate is available for motivational speaking at seminars, events and conferences covering topics including general wellbeing & fitness, nutrition and how to simplify cooking.

Personal Training & Group Fitness

-All sessions combine strength training, cardio, core work and stretches.  Individual fitness levels catered for in a relaxed, fun, outdoor environment in the Kyneton & Macedon Ranges region.

Tasting Fitness are available to train sporting clubs, community groups or corporate organisations. Phone 0404 205 144 for bookings.


"Kate Coleman is a woman on a health-food mission. She’s adamant that it only takes 10 minutes to cook a healthy meal. Kate’s got a slew of ambassadors on board (and even shot a video with Tim Robards to promote the cause), and is proof that persistence – and passion – pays off.” - Lucy Cheek, Business Chicks


"This program is engaging and educational and more relevant than ever; students are so keen to learn healthy cooking, and even more thrilled when they discover how easy, and tasty, it is to do themselves.  Integrating exercises into the lessons made them fun."

- Sam B, School Teacher (on the Healthy Living Workshops)


"Students academic results are better as the result of an active lifestyle." - Alistair, Principal


"No Packet November is also reaching remote Indigenous communities, with money
raised being donated to the Mai Wiru Sugar Challenge Foundation." - Jo Hartley, SBS Life


"Dear Kate

I'm inspired by people who care enough to make their community a bit better.

I'm inspired by people with passion.

So for the men who are going to make that call to lifeline tonight

and for the men who are going to lose 10kg and avoid a heart attack

and for the men who are going to ask how their mate is going.

and for the men who are going to be better to and for their families


Thank you -you saved their lives!" - Anonymous attendee at Men United

"Kate was very friendly and professional, easy to talk to and I felt she was encouraging and non-judgemental."

- Billie, Western Australia (on the Nutrition & Health Coaching sessions)

"Kate was positive and motivating.  She provided fantastic advice on simple, manageable changes that can easily be adapted into my diet/lifestyle.  Her positive guidance motivates rather than dictates.

-Lesley, Victoria (on the Nutrition & Health Coaching sessions) 



Ph: 0404 205 144

Email: kate@tastingfitness.com

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